Company Overview

It starts as so many great stories do: a group of college friends, up late in a dorm (we’ll say they were studying…use your imagination) with a craving for something delicious. They wanted to satisfy not only their late-night cravings but their insatiable hunger for adventure; for those stories that can only happen when the sun goes down and the Insomniac comes out.

For our founder Seth, the craving was even more specific. He wanted something sweet, warm, and he wanted it brought to his door. At the time though (this was 2003!), late-night food options weren’t cutting it. With eateries closed and spotty delivery options, Seth took matters into his own hands (oven mitts?), imagining a business that catered to people just like him: Insomniacs.

So Insomnia Cookies, a big dream, was born in Seth’s little dorm room. And from that first melty, warm, delicious bite, not only was a company launched, but an entire category too, redefining the late-night, delivery-focused, food-service industry as we know it.

And the dream continues, so many years and so many cookies later. We’re still serving up sweet rewards to the day dreamers and warming the after parties of the night-doers, growing a community of Insomniacs who love to stay up late.

We’re not just a cookie company – we’re a community of Insomniacs. We know our cookies are the most delicious around, but it’s our team members that make Insomnia Cookies an amazing place to be. Have a hunger to succeed? A passion for the sweeter things in life? Got big dreams and a ceaseless imagination? Then we want to get to know YOU!

Our Values

  • We are All Insomniacs: Our community of Insomniacs never rest until they've satisfied their cravings for a sweet escape from reality, and some love Insomnia so much that they join our team.
  • Dream Big: Imagination is what drives us forward. We're constantly pushing the limits of what it means to be creative and delicious.
  • Stay Hungry: Insomnia started with a big idea in a tiny dorm room, and our drive to continue growing has never slowed. So grab ahold of your cookies, because we're just getting started.
  • Bake to Perfection: We're fiercely devoted to providing Insomniacs everywhere with an experience that will have them craving more. That means taking pride in every single interaction and detail along the way
  • Do What's Different: Originality is the heart of what we do and what we make. We believe that adding a little flavor and individuality is what makes life sweet, and what makes selling cookies fun.
  • Indulge in Life: The daily grind can be tough but treating yourself makes it a little easier. Life is short. Eat a cookie.
Company Summary
Insomnia Cookies
Number of Employees
(877) 632-6654
1 South Broad Street
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Philadelphia, PA